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 Have you ever heard of vMix software? Have you already used the software? If not, here’s a new product just for you! vMix is a software vision mixer that allows you to control the mixing, switching and recording as well as the live streaming of video files, audio, cameras and many more.

This software is developed by Studio Coast PTY LTD and is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. If you want a simple explanation, this software gives you the ability to manage audio and video mixing and other activities, including camera use.

vMix features

This software is further offered with features and specifications so that this software will work as fully as expected. You can now refer to the following review.

Multiple editions available

The first feature to work with software capabilities is the availability of multiple editions. The current edition includes Basic, Basic HD, SD, 4K and Pro. In this case, you are eligible to upgrade from one edition to another. However, you can’t get every edition for free, which means you have to buy it.

If you’re smart enough to watch the free edition, you can really find it for a year. This means that if you want to re-subscribe to the software, you have to buy it.

vMix call capability

Another feature that you can customize is the vMix call software capability. This is the first time the software has released a complete version with built-in video conferencing. That way, this video conferencing means you can easily make VMax calls.

Support any format

It is also well known that this software provides a lot of support for any audio and video formats. Image format files are also available in this software. That way, you can create free formats.

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Multi -corder

Multi-chord is another feature you need to improve. To make the most of VMix usage, the MultiCorder tool enables you to record using multiple camera inputs in a connected drive. This tool is great for recording for any raw camera in addition to the final mix as a result of the software.

GT Title Designer

Featuring GT Title Designer, VMix provides an advanced title editor with version 21 starting. As such, this feature enables the software to incorporate animations and more complex functions than the title designer’s classic application.


This means that you are able to create more interesting videos by adding animations and many other functions that you cannot find in other software.

Multiple formats

The last but not least feature of VMIX dealing with software capabilities is multiple formats. Multiple formats are supported by this software. Includes h.264 MP4 and vMix video codecs. Increasing the speed of the format is good for improving the performance of the software.


Overall, controlling mixing, switching, recording and direct streaming definitely requires software like VMax. If you want to manage them all, you should consider installing software.

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