TPS Xiaomi Tool Official Latest v2.0 Free Download

The TPS Xiaomi tool is a tool to unlock or remove MI accounts. Anyone can easily bypass Xiaomi accounts using it on all MI smartphones.

The tool lets you unlock the bootloader on multiple devices. You can easily get backups and restore existing backups on the go. Remove the Device Accounts cab and do the easy bypass stuff using the following methods:

Here are some of the most useful and powerful ways to use this tool. These two methods are as follows, check them out before moving on to the next step.

A reboot is very easy for any device and can unlock the screen. With the help of the TPS GeoMe tool, bypass the FRP and handle security issues as you forget your ETC password.

Using work port 9008

Fastboot method

TPS Xiaomi Tool Features:

  • Unlock MI accounts on EDL 9008 devices.
  • Bypass Xiaomi accounts.
  • Check device system information.
  • The phone may ring again.
  • Easily deactivate any MI account.
  • Remove Fastboot from the maximum MIUI model.

Download the TPS Xiaomi Tool from the link provided below. For the next step, click on your file now and get it.

Xiaomi recommends a tool to help do MI devices, flash, repair and unlock. Due to the new Android security protocol, there will be factory reset concerns.

Promote it and fix it to easily ignore FRP and MI accounts or Google accounts.

Why TPS Xiaomi Tool?

The current version deals with the key features below. These are the important aspects you are willing to get.

  • Account open
  • Unofficial bootloaders
  • Backup / Restore
  • Test points
  • Regarding the connected device
  • Disable MI accounts

However, the first thing is to support EDL 9008 COM PORT and the second is fast boot removal.

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Some features of this tool are similar to the MI account unlock tool. But they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Everything is easy to do and has a cooperative user interface.

How to download TPS Xiaomi Tool?

Download the latest version v1.0 of TPS Xiaomi to unlock and bypass accounts on MI devices. Therefore, it is especially important for Xiaomi users to deal with lock and other device privacy concerns.


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