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Torch Browser| Surfing the Internet and getting the most out of it is the dream of every web browser. If you have the same idea then you have to consider the torch browser. It is one of the web browsers that not only offers you common tasks but also gives you more experience by improving features.

One of the amazing things you can do with this web browser that you can’t find in other web browsers is the media-friendly integration as well as the ability to download video and audio. That way, you don’t need a plugin or external program to run the software.

Torch Browser Features

Want to learn more about this browser right now? Move your mouse wheel and find out how to review:

Media Grabber

As soon as mentioned above, it offers a feature of Media Grabber. It lets you download videos and audio from the Internet with just one click. That way, you don’t need any additional restrictive software, converters or extensions. The action of pushing a button only controls you. Thus, as its name suggests, Media Grabber enables you to capture everything you like with the browser.

Torch Browser Torrent

Another feature of this browser that is amazing is the torch path. This feature is available with superfast and easy to use tools.

The built-in torrent manager supports the download process so you have more browsing experience.

Flash player

The next interesting feature that you can improve is the torch player. The Flash Player feature enables you to play your favorite videos even if you haven’t completed the download. The player is well designed so that you can enjoy the ultimate video watching experience.

Torch music

To handle the main task of the Torch Browser for downloading videos and audios, the Flash Music feature is here. Any kind of music can be enjoyed just before the download process is complete. That’s all you can do with the Torch Player feature.

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Torch game

Another feature that you have to catch fast and improve quickly is the Torch game. There are many free games to play without you having to load or unload. All the fun games that you can enjoy with this feature. If you are a game lover, it would not be a bad idea to have a torch browser and improve the torch game.

Torch Facelift

What else can happen with this web browser? Flashlight failure is on this list. This feature allows you to choose your own themes and design your own Facebook. Later, show your creativity to your friends and let them know that you are just using the amazing Flashlight Felt offered by Torch Browser.


Overall, the Torch browser is good enough to enable you to surf the Internet, either for fun or to download the most wanted videos and audios. This web browser is recommended, especially if you spend most of your time surfing the Internet.

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