Thoptv APK Latest Version v45.2.2 Official 2021 Free Download

Download ThopTV to watch multiple channels on your mobile device. This fun IPTV app turns your mobile into a live TV, now, you don’t have to fight with your siblings for the TV remote. ThopTV APK Android supports live TV streaming on multiple TV channels, including the latest.

Live TV on a mobile phone? If this thought had crossed your mind a few decades ago, you would have just laughed at it.

TV and cable supported fewer TV channels, which failed to cater to large audiences of different age groups. Before cellular devices invaded our lives, TV was the only source of entertainment. With the advent of mobile phones, the game has changed, people no longer have to sit in front of the TV, just leave their TV shows, now, mobile users can watch any show or movie anywhere, anywhere ۔

In this modern age, everything is at our fingertips. This application has enjoyed leisure time with all kinds of entertainment such as songs, videos, games, movies, shows, news, and radio. Does anyone want to leave their mobile after installing an application that has so much to give and is busy with?

What is ThopTV?

In this fast-paced world, no one has time to sit in front of a TV or laptop for hours watching their TV show. With all the advanced facilities and technologies, it no longer feels easy.

ThopTV supports thousands of local and international TV channels, and now users can watch TV while completing their work, on the go or in the office.

Entertainment apps are incomplete without movies and music, ThopTV knows. The developer has added thousands of movies and songs. Many people turn to TV to watch sports, to attract sports lovers, and provide live coverage of cricket and other sports.

It would not be wrong to say ‘fun in the palm of your hand’ because it gathers thousands of channels under one roof, serving a large audience.

ThopTV APK is an Android and PC application for watching live TV channels. Watch online streaming games and movies. All videos are in a highly educated HD format. There are no annoying ads in this program.

ThopTV APK History

Want to know who has the reputation of having this fun app on the map? Thupster Ethan founded this fitness and lightweight app for Android OS.

For the entertainment of the people, Thopster gathered thousands of TV channels in one place. This Android TV app includes both FTA (free to air) and encrypted TV channels.

Is ThopTV safe?

Is ThopTV harmful? No, it’s safe, but as it is downloaded through third-party websites, the user may be able to access the wrong, malware-infected links that are guilty of damaging the device. However, many users have given the app a clean chit and are happy with the performance.


ThopTV APK has gained a lot of fans in the shortest time. No one can resist the mobile TV application that is packaged for the user’s favorite features. 10 years younger, you wanted the TV to be portable and convenient, now it’s possible, thanks to technology.

Relax, relax, we know you have to be anxious to learn more, we won’t test your patience, so without further ado, take a look at some of the top features of the app.

Local and international TV channels. It includes more than 3,000 local and international TV channels. Developers know that it would not be good to stick to a basic plan, today’s audience is diverse and diverse. Thop TV serves a wider audience to survive in a competitive space. Supports over 500+ Indian channels.

Sports Channels – Many people love cricket, football and other sports. This TV app has multiple sports channels to serve sports lovers.

Live Series – Many teenage fans who love cricket, especially South Asians, will be happy to know that live cricket matches and the IPL are on.

Movies, TV serials, web series – ThopTV provided entertainment to users with thousands of movies, TV series, comedy shows, and web series.

Channel Category – Channels are categorized in a defined order so that users can easily find the channels they are visiting. There are cartoon channels for children, games and movies for teenagers and adults. The app has also been adjusted by news channels to keep you updated.

There are no restrictions on usage – the user is not restricted from watching certain channels for a specific period of time. You can see more and more. There are no restrictions on the number or use of app channels.

Radio Channels – ThopTV always wants to be in sync. It has also gathered radio listeners under its umbrella by merging more than 5,000 radio channels.

Create a Favorite List – Many popular streaming services have the option to select your favorite shows and create a playlist-like list. Here at ThopTV, users can search for content and add it to their favorites list.

Support MX Player. This app is compatible with MX Player for providing HD quality content. Many users use MX Player to watch online streaming in HD quality.

Customer Support – Developers know the importance of getting there for the 24/7 customer. We support live chat, please contact the ThopTV team directly to resolve your issue immediately.

Compatibility – Compatible with all devices running the Android operating system.

Latest Versions – This app is frequently updated with interesting features, so far, there are several versions available for users to download.

How about opening ThopTV on Chrome / Firefox?

Before installing it on the device, if the user wants to see the developers, the version, its official website, or its credentials, you can watch ThopTV on Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Copy the given URL and paste it into the browser tab to move it forward.
  • Each page asks you to download AdSense to continue streaming online.
  • If the given URLs do not open, we suggest you use any VPN.
  • Watch live IPL matches and cricket events

This app is very popular in India and South Asia, South Asians are big fans of cricket and cricket leagues like IPL. ThopTV APK provides live streaming of IPL and other cricket matches and events. It’s a way for more and more cricket lovers to keep the consumer’s interest alive and greedy.

In addition to IPL, the app also includes ICC World CUP, Women’s Cricket World CUP, IPL, BPL, Champions Trophy, ICC World T20 (Men) and ICC World T20 Supports live streaming of other popular cricketing events such as the (Women’s) Ashes Series. And the World Test Championship.

Watch TV series, comedy shows, and live news

To cater to the population of women appearing in drama series and other TV shows, Thoptv new version has added thousands of Indian and international TV series.

Who wouldn’t love a good laugh after a tiring day? We bet you will. Entertain yourself and choose to laugh with your favorite comedy show. Access humorous content through multiple TV channels.

If you’d like to stay updated with what’s happening around the world, watch the news live on ThopTv. Take a mini TV out of your pocket and get updates on politics, current affairs, and the latest happenings around the world.

Why isn’t ThopTV APK available on the Google Play Store?

This is a question many fans of Thepe TV ask why it is not available on the Google Play Store. Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it? An app that is complete and amazing is missing from the final app center, well, it has violation issues.

Thoptv for PC

Due to TV broadcasters’ copyright claims, the developer decided to make the app less important. Google Play Store has a strict anti-infringement policy, so sidelining the APK file is the only option to enjoy multiple TV channels.

Is Thap TV available on PC?

This app is not limited to its use for mobile users only, if you want to use this app on a PC or laptop, you are free to be available for PC. It supports Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Connection errors

ThopTV not working? There could be more than one possible reason for this, don’t hesitate, we will walk you through them all and provide you with insights on how to fix them.

Source Down Issue – The most common error encountered by ThopTV users. Internet connection should not be charged all the time whenever the app is not working, sometimes, official servers shut down, which is why the app becomes inactive. Waiting for the servers to return to work is the only way to fix it.

Connection Error – If you are a user living in a country other than India, you will be presented with a connection error. This can be solved by turning on VPN for PC and Android users.

Connection Timeout – When launching the app, users often do not have an internet connection or a connection timeout error. This can be especially annoying when your favorite show or event is about to start, launch the app 5 to 10 minutes in advance to counter this start, open it and give it some time to work.

What’s new

There were some bugs and bugs in the back. In the latest version, the Thop TV team has worked to fix various bugs and errors.

How do I download ThopTV?

If you’ve downloaded the APK app before, you know how it works. Even if you have no previous experience, don’t worry, this is a cake walk. Just a few steps, a few clicks, and you’re done.

We’ve provided a download link for the latest version of the Thap TV app as many aspiring users have requested a trusted download link on many online platforms. Since it’s not available on the Google Play Store, hundreds of users have ended up with older versions or broken download links.

  • Tap the download button to download the ThopTV apk file.
  • To ensure that a user is able to install third-party applications, go to Settings.
  • Click on the downloaded file, click the Install button, and take a few seconds to download this fun app.
  • Will ask for approval and will proceed with permission.
  • You are ready to rock and roll. Start watching your favorite TV channels.

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How do I update ThopTV?

If you’re here to update an already installed app, you’re in the right place. The developer recently released a new version in March 2021, the ThopTV APK latest v45.0. To enjoy the latest features, a newer version of the app is required.

  • Uninstall older or earlier versions currently installed on your phone.
  • Download the latest version from our website.
  • Install the app as mentioned above.

The installation process for the latest version is exactly the same as when installing for the first time, just adding one important step while uninstalling the previous version.

Is ThopTV free?

Many channels offer free streaming, but there is a premium plan for accessing certain features. However, you will have to pay a non-refundable fee to subscribe.

Thap TV for PC is computer software for accessing all app features. This page will let you install on your computer Windows and Mac OS devices. Download and install it on your computer and start accessing all the premium features.

Check out the functions and which options this app will allow and how to download them on laptop and desktop computers. How to install and what is the best way to get the most out of this software and immediately after installation? All this and much more awaits Explorer in the section below this useful article.

Thoptv for PC

Initially, beat TV is very popular among Android users. Later developers will decide to come up with a Windows version. It is now available and working for Windows, Mac and Linux based OS.

Right here you are about to get the app and access the relevant TV channels. Your favorite TV shows, TV shows, dramas, latest movies, and live sports on the go. It’s all at your fingertips now and you are also eligible to request your favorite video in the video section.

List of important points

Once you have the software on your computer, you can break down these key features. Features were the same for Android, MAC and Windows versions.

  • More than 3000+ TV channels worldwide
  • Thousands of movies, the latest movies are available every day
  • Watch live games on specific live TV channels
  • 7 days catch up catch on 500+ Indian channels
  • You can browse your special videos in the VODs (Video on Demand) section.
  • Options to select your favorite channels
  • Go to your favorite channels in a specific category. You have been created.
  • Support CAST
  • It has a built-in video player and is compatible with MX players.
  • Support for external subtitles
  • All episodes of the TV series
  • Mac OS support for Windows and Android operating system devices
  • Easy user-friendly interface makes the app more familiar with easy navigation
  • All content within the software is free for all users
  • Live chat support

File Details

NameThoptv APK
Current Versionv45.2.2
OS SupportAndroid APK File
Android OS SupportAll Android Devices

How do I download ThopTV on my PC?

Copy and paste the direct URL link from the download page into the URL section of your browser and start downloading ThopTV for PC.

Below are 32-bit and 64-bit OS versions for all Windows. First, go to the download page by clicking the download button at the bottom.

For windows

These links are from the file cloud server and work correctly at all times. The Thoptv team will maintain and update these files regularly on file cloud services.

The downloads

For Android


For mac

Also, copy and paste the link into the URL section of your browser and start downloading ThoptV on your Mac computer. First, click Download to find the download link.


How do I download ThopTV to my PC?

This is an easy and fast way to Thoptv APK download this application on your PC. All you have to do is capture EXE fie for Windows. Then just follow the video instructions below to speed up your installation.

App version

As we said before, there are many versions available because the app is updated frequently. ThopTV APK v38.0, v39.0, v40.0, v41.0, v42.0, v43.0, v44.1, v44.3.1, v44.4.2, and v44.5.3 versions are available so far. v45.0 is the latest version that was released a few months ago.

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