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Are you looking for a download manager specifically for Microsoft Windows? Orbit Downloader may be the right option to consider. The software was previously classified as anti-virus software malware. However, initially released in November 2006, the Orbit Downloader is now becoming a download manager designed specifically for Microsoft Windows.

Originally based on P2P technology, this software comes with full features as a download accelerator and manager. This way, you can not only speed up the download process but also manage the items that you have just downloaded.

Orbit Downloader Features

Below are several features that you can use to improve your software.

Microsoft Internet Integration

The first feature you can use is Microsoft Internet integration. In this way, Orbit helps you to handle downloaded files automatically so that you can download files from any server via HTTP, FTP, RTSP, and MMS. That way, you’ll be able to easily download your files.

Resume Damaged download

Orbit Downloader is able to restart corrupted downloads. That way, you don’t have to restart the download after an interruption that could interrupt your download and damage it. Restart downloaded incomplete files by improving this feature.

Flash video files

The next feature you need to upgrade immediately after installing the software is Flash Video Files. That way, you can download and download all the expanded Flash videos from outside the online video platform. Furthermore, you can run this feature automatically. Can get

Orbit Downloader Peer-to-Peer Network

Orbit Downloader also features a peer-to-peer network. This feature includes orbital users who are using spare bandwidth to enhance the download accelerator for other users. When users work with software of equal importance, the goal is to establish such a partnership. This proves useful to consumers.

Grab ++ feature

Did you realize that Orbit Downloader is amazingly featuring Grub ++? This feature allows you to remove incoming files from a video or music streaming site and make them available for easy download. Based on the user experience, these are the most useful things when they want to download videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

One thing you should keep in mind when using this software. Grab ++ works much better on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, however, it doesn’t work better on Google Chrome. As such, it is recommended that you use IE’s Firefox when upgrading to GRUB ++. If you don’t want major trouble, don’t go with Google Chrome.

Supports all major protocols

As one of the best accelerators and managers, Orbitts supports all major protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and RTM, as well as other monitors that are used in all major applications today. Users. This may include Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera.

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Lastly, you can imagine that using Orbit Downloader is good for managing and speeding up your downloads, especially on your Windows. Improve all the features well and you will get more satisfying functions.

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