Linux Lite 5.0 Updated Version 64bit for Windows Free Download


Linux Lite 5.0 is an apprentice that relies on Ubuntu-developed Help (LTS) releases and highlights the XFS work area. Linux Lite primarily targets Windows clients.

It expects to provide customers with a complete set of uses to help with their general processing needs, including a complete office suite, media player, and daily basic programming.

With a simple delivery to use the Linux-based operating system, we are confident that people will be able to feel the basic need to use Linux Lite 5.0. Linux Lite is reasonable for everyone to use and share. For those who are new to Linux or who need a lightweight domain that is just as useful. Linux Lite relies on the management of Ubuntu LTS, which allows you to support each major leak for up to 5 years. Programming included with:

Library Office Suite, VLC Media Player, Firefox Web Browser, Thunderbird Email, Gimp Image Editor, Light Themes, Light User Manager, Light Software, Light Sounds, Light Tykes, Light Welcome, Light Manual, Light Source, Notify Light Updates, Light Upgrade, Weskermenu, and Sky is the limit from there.

PC/Ultrabook/Netbook clients:

If the screen locks during live mode, type ‘linux’ in the client box and snap the login button (no secret key required).


  • Minimum recommended specifications:
  • CPU: 1 GHz processor
  • Saleem: 768mb break
  • Capacity: 8 GB
  • Targets: VGA screen 1024 x 768 rounds
  • Media: DVD drive or USB port for ISO image
  • Favorite Specifications:
  • CPU: 1.5 GHz processor
  • Saleem: 1024mb break
  • Capacity: 20gb
  • Targets: VGA, DVI or HDMI screen 1366 × 768
  • Media: DVD drive or USB port for ISO image

EUFI/Secure Boot

In Windows Search, type in MS Information or MS Info32 and send a work area application called System Information. Search BIOS mode for the object and only if the incentive is UEFI. At this time, you have the UEFI firmware. At the time it was called the legacy of the BIOS format. This is the firmware you are currently running. Similarly, when everything is said to be complete, UEFI-powered machines are on a fast start and stop times.

When BIOS-Legacy conflicts with machines. If you bought a PC / motherboard after 2010, the problem is that you have a UEFI framework. At a time when you are still uncertain. Download the UEFI form as it will run the same distinction and BIOS-Legacy on PC. With energy, it is suggested that you turn off the Secure Boat or you will feel much less happy. To weaken SecureBot, see here.


Linux Lite 5.0 Final is currently available for download and installation with full UEFI support. It is the most complete and complete Linux light emitter to date. This is a substance that many people are tired of. Develops a complete, easy-to-follow, Linux-based working framework by offering complete, recognizable programming programs like Microsoft Good Office Suite, Firefox, Chrome, Teamware, VLC.

Manually help you control your wandering, steam.

So you can continue playing your Windows games, much more natural programming.

Our desktop is spread out in the same way that Windows has volume, network and calendar alternatives with the Start menu on one side and the Plate on one side. See below for what’s new.


  • Internet Browser – Firefox 76.0.1
  • Email Client – Thunderbird 68.8.0
  • Office Suite – Labor Office
  • Media Player – VLC 3.0.9
  • Image editor. GIMP 2.10.18
  • Framework Backup and Restore – Time Shift 20.03
  • Document Manager – Thunar 1.8.14
  • Basis: 20.04
  • Part ortion: .4.-3. (–33 (custom parts are also available in our stock 3..1313 – 7.7)
  • Management: 5.x.
  • Work area UI
  • Window Theme: Adapter
  • Theme logo: Papers
  • Text Style: Robot Regular

What’s new

  • UEFI is currently strong
  • GUFW is largely set up by FireWall
  • Check honesty during direct boot
  • No shrouded telemetry
  • High DPI – 4X settings
  • New Updater Notifier
  • Mouse pad replaces leaf pad
  • Paint was added to the accessories at that time
  • XFCE screensaver is also included
  • Zem replaces unsupported cherry tree as a note taker in light software
  • Google Chrome has been added to the Lite software
  • NitroShare has been added to the Light software

Light Welcome (the easiest way to work in the current way) and Light User Manager are currently refreshed in GTK 3 and PieThon 3.

New logout options

  • OEM installer for retailers and producers (legacy and UEFI)
  • Firewall status added to light widget
  • Remember the language decision for the login screen
  • Double design support

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New wallpapers

  • Each Lite application has been updated to a new code base
  • Minor bug fixes and upgrades
  • Linux Lite 5.0 64 bit. July 5, 2020
  • File File: Linux Lite 5.0-64bit.iso
  • Size: 1.4GB – DVD, USB
  • MD5SUM: 21c7b2aa0eaf7ae60e3c14b491d7e408
  • SHA256: abba007adf5420bd3845 dad 7 b43052a40874f31394d142ea740cc8f27aeec538
  • HTTP Mirror: Click here,
  • Rain Hash: d3b3735500e7ee77dab3fcc3144498176fdde951
  • Direct user: Login program directly to the work area

Free download

  • The latest Linux Lite 5.0 64 bit. July 5, 2020
  • See below for more information.
  • MD5SUM: 21c7b2aa0eaf7ae60e3c14b491d7e408
  • SHA256: abba007adf5420bd3845 dad 7 b43052a40874f31394d142ea740cc8f27aeec538
  • Size: 1.4GB – DVD / USB
  • Direct user: Login program directly to the work area
  • Base: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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