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Kingroot is the most useful and useful tool for Android users to root their devices. KingRoot for PC is now available to connect to any device on your computer. Initially, there is an Android version of the Kingroot APK, which allows users to root their phones. However, it will work by installing the app on your device for rooted purposes.

The PC version will do you better than rooting the PC. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB data cable. So here’s why you need to take root and which roots are helping you. Basically, rooting is the process of getting root. Simply put, it’s a process of allowing you to change. These changes can be made to the root directory or the base directory.

What is Root?

Rooting is like the root of a tree, so root is the basic direction of an Android phone. It’s straight where everything else is safe. So the real root is where all the apps that have been installed or the data of the app is stored. Without root access, you cannot access the root directly.

You can only access apps that are installed on hard data. However, when you get root access for a particular phone. Please allow all installed apps to make changes to the root directory.

In fact, the system admin is also calling in, so this is normal under the root user. The root user can access the root directory. So, when you access the root, you become a root user.

Please allow all external and installed apps to access the root directory. And the important thing is that you can change them too. You can do all this from the inside of your smartphone or for the PC version you can perform it through Kingroot

. What does the root do?

After rooting any phone, you can install various root apps that start the PMO function or the normal app. You can delete, modify, and modify system elements such as system apps, dialers, settings apps, user interfaces, and more.

Rooting is not a magical thing that only accesses the root directory. The original directory where the Android system is installed. You can make changes to the original items under the Android operating system.

Kingroot Features:

No worries, it is becoming very easy to get the software files from our website and similar installations.

  • This is the basic gateway to all the edits you can make on your phone.
  • Install various apps that can make changes to the Android system.
  • You can even install a custom operating system to change the entire configuration.
  • Concrete is a simple and lightweight tool for PC for root purposes.

Enable USB debugging mode on your smartphone and connect it to your PC using a USB data cable.

Kingroot for PC:

For now, you are eligible to download King Root to your PC. From the download link below, you can find the EXE file that supports any Windows.

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How to install Kingroot PC:

  • First, download an example of the Concrete PC version from the file download link.
  • Run the setup wizard by downloading the full file and just clicking on the file.
  • Start the installation and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • It is very easy to download as well as install.
  • Finally, finish and launch the app.
  • It is now ready to use from your computer.
  • Connect it to any Android device you want to root.
  • Get rooted and enjoy.

File Details

NameKingroot for PC
Size31.7 MBs
Versionv3.5.0.1157 Latest
SupportAll Windows

Kingroot Download for PC


These are the most frequently asked questions about root access and root.

How to use Kingroot for PC?

You can easily get the Concrete PC version from here and make easy installations. Check out our installation guide on this web page. Since King Root for Android is in the APK, Android will format the file to work with the files. Similarly, Windows users can download it and install it on their PC on the go.

Is it illegal to root illegally?

The answer is not always, rooting for your phone is not illegal. It is perfectly legal to root your phone.

Is the root invalid?

Root does not remove its own warranty but you have to unlock your bootloader in the process of rooting. Unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty. If you want to run from the root, you have to unlock your bootloader. You will then terminate your warranty.

How can I connect my Android via PC?

You can do this with the help of any root-related software in your PC Windows. But now most apps can work on PC. Here, only Kingroot PC is another great solution for you.

I installed a new custom ROM and I lost root, what to do?

When you install a new custom ROM, the entire partition is deleted from the new system. Therefore, all the basic binaries that were placed in / system / xbin were deleted. Now you have to add it again.

Unless the ROM you want is already rooted. Today most custom ROMs are already connected. If no root is available, all you have to do is go to settings and enable root. In most cases, it is in the developer settings.


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