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HushSMS FRP services such as sending messages to another phone. Messages contain all relevant information and the phone from which you are sending. In the recipient phone, you know all the things that will help you unlock and ignore any Google account on Samsung.

Over the years, somehow the maintenance of the factory has become difficult to maintain. But this New Year’s Eve, it’s an essential, easy, and powerful way to bypass FRP locks.

Easy way to unlock Samsung FRP:

HushSMS is a simple and highly advanced basic way to sort out FRP locks. Samsung unlocks Android phones with their excellent technical features. You could say that HushSMS is a special software for sending certain types of messages from a device, which normal users cannot.

These services are not available to users on a daily basis that they are using to send their phone messages. It works successfully with Android operating systems 6 and 7 installed on all Samsung devices. Currently, it is not available for PC but it will be able to support Windows Phone.

HushSMS services:

Here it was tasted on Samsung models such as the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Including Galaxy S8, S9, S8 Plus.

Note versions such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are on the go. I personally work on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which I unlock or bypass Google account via HushSMS.


  • Normal SMS
  • WAP Push SI
  • WAP Push SL
  • Ping’s
  • MMS Notifications
  • Flash SMS
  • MWI voice Activation
  • Miscellaneous, such a Fax, EMails ETC

When you use any Samsung mobile phone, turn off Google account verification. Don’t worry, HushSMS is here to help you.

There are many other ways to unlock Samsung phones to bypass FRP. In my opinion, this is the best and easiest thing to do.

So before downloading the HushSMS app, the application expands its features one by one.

Normal SMS:

These are standard messages that enable you to send them to all devices. The maximum size of these messages is 160 characters.

Flash SMS

Flash message is similar to normal SMS, but it always appears in the popup window. You may only be able to read this message, but not be able to save it or send it to someone else.

Such messages are returned without the sender’s knowledge. Message maximum is 160 characters. With HushSMS you can get very far in good flexibility.

MMS notification:

This type of message is never used by the user. However, whether the service is automatically created by the provider or not sends a notification to identify the recipient.

When someone sends an MMS to any number, this notification will be received by the recipient who notifies the MMS. HushSMS is bringing a way to find out before receiving this notification from MMS.

Ping SMS:

This message type is another name because you can say silent SMS. This SMS can be received without informing the recipient.

Sometimes these messages are seen as empty and contain no data. HushSMS uses this service in a variety of ways to retrieve information about the sender.

WAP Push SI:

WAP Push: SI service signal means that these messages are sent by companies to inform their customers about their software, credit cards, and software. The maximum length of these pushes is 40 characters.

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How to use HushSMS?

  • Olly, you need to connect both phones to Wi-Fi.
  • Next, go through the Google Account Verification process to check the Talkback option.
  • The next step is to insert the SIM card into the locked FRP Android device.
  • After installing HushSMS on a mobile, you need to enter the target URL.

That way, you can unlock FRP Android devices. So, after reading the reviews, if you are interested in downloading this application on your smartphone, this is the best platform for you. You can read the features of this application from the paragraph below.

PC version:

HashSMS is not yet available on PC, only for sending and receiving messages for FRP purposes on Windows Phone and Android devices.

Windows Phone version:

You can also download it for Windows Phone and get the following version v0.2 for Windows device.


Click on the link above to download the latest version 2.7.7 for Android. The file size is 220 KB and it is in downloadable file format.

HushSMS APK Download

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