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Avast Password Manager

Avast Password Manager for Windows & Mac Free Download

Do you really want to store sensitive information in one place? The average password may be the correct option to find out. Designed to provide security, Avast Password Manager is defined as a password and data manager that allows you to securely store sensitive information in one place. This software can be quickly filled in with web forms. It can also be accessed through your online account. Why do you need this software?

Skype Latest Version for Windows, Mac & Linux Free Download

Everyone is familiar with Skype, especially if they have been using gadgets and tools on a daily basis. Skype is a tool that offers web-based implementation of international calls, web text and video chats. For many, this tool is one of the best VoIP providers in the world that can offer group video conferencing, instant messaging, group chat, video chat, and other collaboration functions. It can also be used for photo and document sharing.
Google Earth

Google Earth Latest Version for Windows & Mac Free Download

Do you want to see the world? Grab Google Earth now! This is a free application that offers you 3D models of the world on your desktop. Launched by California-based search engine giant, Google Earth offers a 3D model for the world. This 3D model enables you to tilt, pan and rotate using just your mouse.

WineHQ Latest Version for Mac & Linux Free Download

What's on your mind about WineHQ? Have you ever heard of it? If not, here's a new product just for you! Well, if you want to run Windows applications on Mac and Linux (not dual boot or virtual PC), WineHQ is a free and open source software to help you. Alcohol is not an alcohol emulator for repetitive backing.

vMix Latest Version for Windows & Mac Free Download

Have you ever heard of vMix software? Have you already used the software? If not, here's a new product just for you! vMix is a software vision mixer that allows you to control the mixing, switching and recording as well as the live streaming of video files, audio, cameras and many more.

Audacity Latest Version for Windows, Mac, and Linux Free Download

Audacit looking for open source cross-platform audio software? Rape may be the right option to consider. Audacity is an audio editor and recorder that gives you easy-to-use instructions and multi-track availability. This software runs on Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux as well as other operating systems.