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Pharaohs Curse Gold

Pharaohs Curse Gold Version 1.7.5 for Linux Free Download

Pharaohs Curse Gold is a platform game that combines cool puzzles, in fact, the real focus is on the puzzle elements. In this game you can use drills, hammers, picks and shovels to break the tiles that protect the gold. When you collect all the gold at a certain level, the exit door is open and you can go to the next level.
Ubuntu For Desktop

Ubuntu For Desktop Latest Updated Version 2020 Free Download

Start the latest Ubuntu for Desktop Update Version 2020 free download now. Download the Ubuntu Work Area and support your current working framework whether it's Windows or Mac or running Ubuntu nearby.
Linux Kernel OS v5.4.8 Free Download

Linux Kernel OS latest Version v5.4.8 Free Download

Download the latest Linux kernel OS v5.4.8 for free here. Linux describes a group of PC working frameworks such as Unix that use a piece of Linux.
Linux Lite 5.0

Linux Lite 5.0 Updated Version 64bit for Windows Free Download

Linux Lite 5.0 is an apprentice that relies on Ubuntu-developed Help (LTS) releases and highlights the XFS work area. Linux Lite primarily targets Windows clients.